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Fernando dos Santos, A.K.A Digital X, is a Journalist and a Bachelor in Marketing from Faculdade da Cidade, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. His first contact with psytrance happened in Europe, circa 1998, when, he toured the old continent as a professional Bodydoarder.

He began his career as a trance DJ in 2003, becoming a member and resident DJ of RIOPARADE, E-Quality. Of his numerous performances, some highlights are the 2005 performance alongside Dimitri Nakov and Astrix in the E-Music Festival in Rio and the amazing 2007 New Year’s Eve celebration at the world famous Ipanema Beach, when he played following Infected Mushroom at the event organized by Guarana Antactica Stereo, to an audience of almost one million people. . He also did a back to back with Stas (Vibe Tribe).

Digital X-now part of PROFOUND RECORS(India)

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